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Ruth, Madison Connecticut.

"Several years ago, I found myself in a terrible situation. I had absolutely no idea who to turn to for help, and no experience whatsoever as to how to proceed. A friend recommended attorney Casale to me.  After I met with him, I felt like I had not only somebody with enormous legal knowledge and experience on my side; also I had somebody in my corner who really cared about me, and what happened to me. I followed his advice explicitly and placed my entire trust in him. That trust was well founded. He brought about the most successful outcome possible for my case, and enable me to move forward again and put the shattered pieces of my life back together. Since that time, I have earned two college degrees, started a new career that I love, and got back myself respect. None of that would have been possible if it hadn't been for attorney Casale; I truly feel as if he saved my life."